Friday, October 27, 2017

Weekly Review - Oct 23 - 26

Math: We reviewed addition facts, reviewed flipping addition facts, continued identifying words—such as more or less—in word problems, completed patterns, identified numbers that are smaller or larger than others, wrote the time, practiced illustrating word problems, and practiced fractions.

IEW: This week we wrote sentences about Ancient Egypt. We then illustrated our writing. 

Riggs: Every morning we test 30 words. We receive five new words each day, and the first five words on the list that day drop off for the following day. So our spelling words are a rolling list of 30. Check student’s Riggs notebooks for check-marks beside words. These are words they need to practice for homework—along with their new five words that they receive each day. Their new words are the last five words written in their Riggs notebook. They are also written in their planner each day. We are also reviewing multi-letter phonograms. 

Core Knowledge: We wrapped up our Ancient Egypt Unit! The class did WONDERFUL presenting their projects. We first practiced presenting our projects to each other. We then presented them to our 7th grade buddies. Lastly, we presented them for you. Thank you for those that were able to attend. If you weren't able to attend, we hope you can join us for our next project! I have also attached photos from yesterday. 

Guided Reading: Students working in reading groups and receiving coaching and instruction from me both individually and as a group. Students are rotating between centers: reading to self, reading with a partner, word work, and writing. Volunteers are welcome during this time!